Five years ago, George was rescued from the same deplorable farm as Frederick, being advertised on Craigslist as butcher meat. Their mothers did not survive due to poor conditions and lack of care.

George and Oliver bonded the day they were brought to SoulSpace, both coming from different farms. Watching the two of them interact is a testament to true friendship. They are inseparable and spend their days always together – grazing, loving on their humans, running and leaping through the pasture (Oliver’s running is more of a fast walk/hop).

George is pure love. When Tally the goat is not demanding all the attention, George will slowly walk toward you and gently press his forehead against yours. He has a way about him that reassures humans that everything is going to be okay. He also loves to give nose kisses, enjoys eating shredded carrots out of people’s hands, and LOVES watermelon. George will live out his days happy and safe at SoulSpace and we could not be more grateful that he is part of our family.