Two years ago, Kara got a call from a gentleman telling her there was a 600-pound pig in his backyard and he wasn’t sure what to do. His neighbors wanted to take her for food, but he had grown a bit accustomed to her and felt like she deserved a second chance. We believe she wandered off an industrial farm four miles down the road and somehow ended up in his backyard. We didn’t have room for her at the time, so we did a nationwide search, seeking rescue for Rose. Everyone was full. We decided we could not let her down and launched a fundraiser to expand our pig barn yard. A week later, we welcomed Rosie in with open arms.

She spends her days with her sisters Olivia and Gertie and her brother Wally. She adores one-on-one time with the ducks and wallowing in their pond. We could not be more grateful to have Rosie live out her life at SoulSpace.